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When you compare the purchase price of Fitrix with that of our leading competitors’ standard ERP software suites, the substantial cost differences between Fitrix and these other systems is clear.

The chart below compares the software purchase price of Fitrix with Microsoft Dynamics GP(tm) (Great Plains) and Sage ACCPAC Advantage Enterprise(tm) for systems ranging in size from five to one-hundred users.

When you factor in other additional initial costs beyond the software, like operating system, database and other technology infrastructure costs, this difference in initial purchase price becomes even greater.

Beyond the initial purchase, when you compare the ongoing cost-of-ownership between Fitrix ERP and these other two solutions, or any other comprehensive ERP solution on the market today, you’ll find a similar significant difference in the costs of owning these systems.

Please contact us today for a detailed price quote of a Fitrix ERP solution designed to meet your company’s specific requirements, or request a free demo.