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Electronics Manufacturing Key Features

Fitrix Key Features for Electronics Manufacturing

If you are a small or medium sized manufacturer of electronics or electronics-related items including:

  • general electronics
  • aerospace
  • medical
  • games
  • electronics manufacturing service (EMS)

Fitrix ERP includes a long list of features commonly needed for electronics manufacturing all in one affordable mid-range ERP solution.

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  • Multilevel Bill of Materials
    Fitrix lets you define multilevel indented BOM's with no limit to the number of levels. Fitrix supports both "As Engineered" and 'As Built" formats and lets you track reference designators at all BOM levels.
  • Serial/Lot Number Tracking
    Fitrix provides the complete serial and lot tracking and visibility needed for electronics. Numbers are tracked from inventory receipt, through your production process, and finally to your customer. Tracking includes all component serial numbers that went into your finished goods.
  • Traceability & Recall Management
    Fitrix ERP stores all of the details you need to allow you to trace and recall problem parts. Get the visibility you need for all components of purchased or manufactured items down to individual lot and serial numbers by customer, order, supplier.
  • Warranty Tracking
    Track and manage your warranties and warranty work for manufactured or purchased items. Improve your bottom line by knowing your warranty cost by supplier, part and customer.
  • Make-To-Order and Make-To-Stock Support
    With Fitrix ERP Electronics Manufacturers can manufacture an item to stock for later sale from inventory, or manufacture it for specific customer orders bypassing the route through inventory altogether. Make-to-stock items can be based on demand from sales orders, sales forecasts, or the greater of the two. Make-to-order items entered on sales orders create the work orders used to manufacture the items.
  • Robust Product Configurator
    Electronics manufacturers often offer custom or feature-rich products. The Fitrix Product Configurator lets you define optional features to be selected and included in the production of an item so that you can tailor make a product per your customer's specifications.
  • Advanced Planning
    When manufacturing electronics, being able to do both short and long term forecasting can help the manufacturer align critical resources like cash, materials, plant capacity and the labor that's needed to support a production plan that satisfies the forecast. Fitrix ERP Advanced Planning modules support both resource alignment as well as the generation of sales forecasts and production plans.
  • Available to Promise (ATP)
    It's important for Electronics manufacturers to be able to tell their customers when their order will ship. When entering sales orders in Fitrix ERP if an item is not in stock it is placed on backorder. The date it will be available for shipment is then calculated real-time and displayed on the order entry screen so the customer can be advised of this date.
  • Compliance Support for Regulatory and Industry Standards
    Due to the ever changing landscape of green directives and regulations and the penalties associated with non-compliance, the ability for Electronics manufacturers to ensure their products are in compliance with RoHS and REACH is crucial. With Fitrix ERP you can not only track which items are compliant but also which suppliers have not submitted a full material declaration (FMD) for items that require this documentation.
  • Quality Management
    Product quality is key to customer retention so managing the quality of products that are purchased, produced and sold is very important for Electronics manufacturers. In Fitrix ERP defining the metrics for what needs to be monitored from a product quality perspective and then recording and analyzing the results is simple and flows as a natural consequence of day-to-day activities.
  • Approved Vendor Lists
    Having an Approved Vendors (AVL) or Approved Suppliers (ASL) List that contains the vendors/suppliers that meet your company's standards as far as quality, pricing, and delivery performance go, is essential to any ERP purchasing system used by Electronics manufacturers. In Fitrix ERP this list is maintained by way of item catalogs.
  • Vendor Delivery Performance
    In addition to wanting to get the best price and product of high quality from suppliers, Electronics manufacturers also need to keep an eye on their vendors' delivery performance. If a vendor can't reliably deliver product to you when you need it you'll be unable to calculate your manufacturing lead times and inform your customers when product they've ordered will be available for shipment.
  • Reference Designators
    Reference designators provide Electronics manufacturers a clear indication of component placement on an electrical schematic or printed circuit board. They are especially useful when multiple usages of a component are called for.
  • Customer Credit Management
    It's imperative that you know the credit status of your customers prior to accepting and shipping new orders. In Fitrix ERP when a sales order is entered, a real time calculation is made that compares the customer's credit limit to their current balance due plus any outstanding orders not yet shipped. If the credit limit is exceeded the order is placed on hold and both the credit manager and the customer's sales representative are notified.
  • Document Management
    Fitrix allows you unlimited flexibility in storing all relevant files related to items, customers, vendors, orders, or any other data defined within the Fitrix database. Examples include pictures, schematics or compliance certificates of your inventory items and bill of materials, store a PDF of the customer PO with the sales order, or store a recorded phone conversation and emails sent to your customers when dealing with collection issues.
  • Kitting Support
  • Mixed Mode Manufacturing including MTS, MTO, Engineer To Order, Job Shop
    In today's marketplace being able to be flexible and adapt to ever changing market demands is the key to survival. One way to accomplish this is through mixed mode manufacturing. Fitrix ERP offers unprecedented flexibility in the creation and execution of production orders to support the many modes an Electronics manufacturer may need to employ to stay competitive.
  • Blanket Purchase Orders
    Using blanket purchase orders allows you to submit orders to your vendors for large quantities and then release individual purchase orders against it with varying shipment dates. This is advantageous for any Electronics manufacturer in that it prevents you from holding excess stock in your warehouses, cuts down on administrative costs and the vendor may even offer volume discounts.
  • Blanket Sales Orders
    A blanket sales order is used when a customer has committed to buying large quantities at a set price over a given period of time and usually has an expiration date associated with it. Electronics manufacturers find this type of purchase commitment useful in that it helps them with their material planning and forecasting.
  • Barcoding
    Using the barcode functionality Fitrix ERP provides is a great way for Electronics manufacturers to save time and cut costs. It captures data faster so efficiency is higher and costs are lower, mistakes are minimized and managing inventory in general becomes much easier.
  • Returned Materials Authorization (RMA)
    Product returns can be costly for Electronics manufacturers if not tracked and processed properly, both from a financial standpoint and brand image. Fitrix ERP gives you complete visibility into the life cycle of product returns so that you can reign in these costs and keep customer loyalty intact.
  • Contract Manufacturing Supplier
  • Contract Manufacturing Consumer
  • Extended Inventory Attributes to Track Item Pedigree
    Electronics manufacturers are sometimes required to capture and catalog attributes about the items they purchase and manufacture that relate to engineering information, external regulatory compliance and/or Department of Defense requirements. These attributes can be both text-based or may be links to electronic documentation such as Word or PDF documents, drawings and pictures.
  • Vendor Request for Quote (RFQ)
    The Fitrix request for quote utility is designed for Electronics manufacturers that have multiple vendors that they procure raw materials, components and/or goods resold as is. It expedites the purchasing process by electronically submitting bids to multiple suppliers and then importing a side by side comparison of item pricing to be reviewed and then automatically added to the Approved Vendor List/Catalog when accepted.
  • Co- Products and By-Products
    Fitrix ERP supports the ability to produce multiple end items from a single component or components. This process is sometimes also defined as "disassembly" and is vital to fabless electronics manufacturers, or any company that purchases product to harvest multiple sub-components for re-sale or re-use.
  • Inventory Lifecycle End of Life (EOL)
    When a supplier decides to discontinue an item, an Electronics manufacturer only has three choices if there is no alternate supplier or item for the product they are manufacturing: tie up capital by arranging for a lifetime buy, not make the product anymore, or redesign the product. Since the redesign and approval process can be lengthy it's extremely important to be up to date on end of life data for needed componentry and with Fitrix ERP you are.
  • Plant Maintenance Module
    Maximizing productivity while minimizing down time is critical for Electronics manufacturers. With the Fitrix ERP Plant Maintenance module you can easily plan, schedule and prioritize the maintenance required to keep your equipment running at peak capacity.

Fitrix ERP is a fully integrated, 21 module, end-to-end ERP software solution specifically designed for the small to medium sized manufacturer of electronics or electronics-related products. Fitrix supports manufacturing, inventory, order processing, customer service, and CRM.

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