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Electronics Manufacturing Key Features

Fitrix Key Features for Electronics Manufacturing


Using the barcode functionality Fitrix ERP provides is a great way for Electronics manufacturers to save time and cut costs. It captures data faster so efficiency is higher and costs are lower, mistakes are minimized and managing inventory in general becomes much easier.

Supported in every process that touches your inventory

Barcode scanning can be used in the following processes in Fitrix ERP
  • Purchase Receipts and Putaway
  • Component Issue
  • Production Receipt
  • Sales Order Picking and Shipping
  • Bin location moves
  • Inventory Transfers between Distribution Centers
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Inventory Cycle Counting
  • Forms and Labels to support these operations

Real time data collection every time an item is scanned

The barcode scanning devices are connected real-time to the Fitrix modules eliminating the overhead involved in synchronizing data between separate systems. Users can choose to work with a graphical interface (GUI) very similar to the desktop-based windows in the rest of Fitrix or a text based interface (TUI).

You choose the hardware that's right for you

Fitrix supports the use of both handheld devices that are connected to the keyboard via a keyboard wedge and wireless handheld devices that connect to Fitrix via a Wi-Fi network or the internet. Though wireless devices give you a lot more mobility you can definitely keep your costs down by using wedges devices.
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