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Electronics Manufacturing Key Features

Fitrix Key Features for Electronics Manufacturing

Co- Products and By-Products

Fitrix ERP supports the ability to produce multiple end items from a single component or components. This process is sometimes also defined as "disassembly" and is vital to fabless electronics manufacturers, or any company that purchases product to harvest multiple sub-components for re-sale or re-use.

Allows components to be identified as co-products and by-products

Co-products and by-products are entered with a quantity per unit that is negative, reflecting the expected yield.

Record co-products and by-products as part of the backflush operation

During the production backflush operation where components consumed are reported along with the end item produced, units of co-products and by-products completed are also recorded. Unit quantities will default to the expected yield mentioned above but can be changed to reflect actual yield produced.

Accurately record costs

Cost allocation policies properly account for the cost of multiple outputs, effectively sharing in the cost of all component material consumed in the process.

MRP shows as planned receipts

The material planning modules consider these co-products and by-products as receipts when calculating demand.