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Electronics Manufacturing Key Features

Fitrix Key Features for Electronics Manufacturing

Warranty Tracking

Manufactured or purchased items have the number of warranty days defined at the item level. When they are sold the warranty expiration date is calculated and stored with the shipment history information. Any warranty work done in house (for either exchange or repair) is managed by warranty work orders that are tied back to the original sales order.

Quickly determine if the item is covered by warranty

When your customer gives you the item's serial or lot number, you can use the Fitrix serial/lot master query screen to not only see if the item was purchased from your company but also determine if it is still covered by warranty.

Complete visibility into your sales cycle is important for Electronics Manufacturers

Items returned are tracked via a returned materials authorization (RMA) ticket that is tied to the original sales order. Any warranty work performed is controlled via a work order tied to the RMA. The repaired or replacement item is shipped back out via a warranty sales order that is also tied to the RMA.

Track your warranty costs and improve your bottom line

In Fitrix ERP all warranty costs are accounted for via a warranty work order, both parts and labor, so that you always know the overall profitability of any items sold that are covered by a warranty. By analyzing the reason for claims manufacturers can potentially eliminate future claims by changes in the item's design and/or manufacturing process.
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