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Electronics Manufacturing Key Features

Fitrix Key Features for Electronics Manufacturing

Quality Management

Product quality is key to customer retention so managing the quality of products that are purchased, produced and sold is very important for Electronics manufacturers. In Fitrix ERP defining the metrics for what needs to be monitored from a product quality perspective and then recording the results is simple and flows as a natural consequence of day-to-day activities.

You define where throughout your business cycle product quality should be checked.

Possible checkpoints include:
  • At the time of purchase receipt
  • When material is consumed by production
  • When labor transactions are reported
  • When a produced item is received into inventory
  • As a completely separate transaction independent of all these functions.

Keep employees informed and take corrective action

At any of these checkpoints, when the quality transaction is recorded and saved, an email alert is sent to the buyer for purchased items or to the production manager for manufactured items notifying them of the corrective action needed. When the corrective action has been completed and the QC transaction closed, email alerts are again sent out notifying these managers that the quality issue has been resolved.

Analyze your quality data and fix the problem

Fitrix ERP includes quality reporting that will show you for any time period you need to see what items you're having quality issues with, what the issues were and the percent pass versus fail. By analyzing this data you can determine if there is a particular vendor that is selling you defective components or maybe there is a problem with a resource in your production cycle. The goal here is to take steps to get to the root problem so that quality issues going forward are minimized and the product you sell your customers is of the highest quality.
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