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Production Scheduling

Production Scheduling

Imagine how much more efficient your organization would be if you could see at a glance all open work orders and the effect they have on your capacity to produce by work center, by department, by team, even down to the machine level. There would be no more guess work on when a job can start or when you can tell your customers their order will ship.   

Fitrix Production Scheduling gives you the tools to maximize efficiency while reducing costs. You can view at a glance which resources are being under or over utilized and can adjust your production accordingly to balance the load. As new orders are placed or existing order due dates change, you can see real time the effect on your production capacity. The application also provides recommendations to changes in order due dates based on the work remaining to be done.

Features/Function Highlights

Period Intervals

  • Define how the future is to be divided into time periods
  • Multiple period intervals may be defined
  • Used to display and print future production activity by time period

Capacity Maintenance

  • Allows for non-standard override of daily capacity, by shift, for Work Center, Department, Teams, Machines

Reschedule Operations

  • Recalculates operation due dates when order due dates are changed

Work List Inquiries and Reports

  • Display the status of operations for open orders by resource. Types of operations include Active, Waiting, Arriving
  • Resource types are Work Center, Department, Teams, Machines

Capacity Inquiries

  • Displays capacity and load for a given resource, with overload or under-load percentage
  • Resources analyzed are Work Center, Department, Teams, Machines
  • User-defined period intervals to view loads in a variety of formats
  • Drill-down from period load to details of orders and operations
  • Review alternates for an overloaded resource

Reschedule Recommendations

  • Report which highlights recommendations for changes in order due dates based on work remaining