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Standard Routing

Standard Routing

The Standard Routing defines the non-material resources needed to support the production of items. An effective resource definition application should allow you to comprehensively identify all the enterprise resources needed to produce an item. It should also allow you to easily define the process steps required for production, and it should allow you to provide sufficient detail relative to process steps to clearly describe all the operations required. These definitions should be available to all other areas within the enterprise to efficiently conduct business in engineering and design, quoting and proposal writing, production planning and operations, and cost accounting.

Features/Function Highlights

Modular integration – direct integration with Bills of Material, Production Order Processing, Labor Processing, Capacity Requirements Planning, Actual and Standard Costing, and Purchasing.

Routing Maintenance includes:

  • User-Defined routing sequence
  • Links to standard operations
  • 30-character base description
  • Unlimited routing step notes
  • Inside or outside process
  • Resource definitions for Work Center, Machine, Team, Department
  • Primary and alternate steps
  • Scheduling based on labor hours or machine hours

Work Center Maintenance includes:

  • Direct, indirect, or outside process types
  • Optional grouping by department
  • Shift-based capacity in hours per day
  • Standard and average queue times
  • Standard labor and overhead rates

Maintenance includes:

  • Optional grouping by work center or department
  • Shift-based capacity in hours per day
  • Standard and average queue times
  • Major and minor service intervals

Department Maintenance includes:

  • Shift-based capacity in hours per day
  • Accounting information for interface to General Ledger
  • Tracks production costs for period and year-to-date

Operations Maintenance includes:

  • Standard template for easier routing maintenance
  • Operation notes
  • Standards for: Setup hours, Run hours, Machine hours, Machine, Department, Team, Work Center

Alternate resources for:

  • Work Centers
  • Departments
  • Teams
  • Department
  • Inquiries for where work centers, machines, and operations are used


  • Routing step details
  • Where-used by Machine, Work Center, Department, Team, Operation