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Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale Distribution

Fitrix ERP is designed to fit the ERP needs of the following types of small to mid-size Wholesale Distributors.

Durable Goods Distribution

Wholesale distributors of durable goods sell products having a lifespan of at least three years that are usually intended for repeated use. The wholesale distributor receives products (e.g. auto parts, appliances, sporting goods, etc.) from manufacturers and sells them, most often in bulk, to the products’ end-users via resellers.

Because they are situated between the manufacturers and customers, the wholesale distributor of durable goods has to please both. This means that the issues of importance to them pertain to cost-saving operational efficiencies, accurate product replenishment and tracking, landed cost capabilities, timely shipments, and maintaining excellent customer and vendor relationships.

Food/Medical Products Distribution

Food and medical products distributors typically have the same basic needs as Durable Goods Wholesale Distributors in that ordering and shipping products in a timely manner is essential to meet the needs of their customers. Distributors of these types of products often have additional requirements such as multiple purchase, stock, and sell units of measure per item; lot number history with expiration dates; and catch weight pricing.