Welcome to Fitrix 6.0

Thank you for purchasing the Fitrix ERP software solution. This Welcome Guide will help you get started and direct you to information you will need for a successful installation or upgrade.. If you need any assistance with installing or using your Fitrix Software, please email us at: support@fitrix.com and be sure to include your company name with your request for assistance, or call us at 1-800-374-6157 (or 678-589-4882 direct to the help desk) and ask for Fitrix Product support.

What is Fitrix?

Fitrix ERP is a twenty-module robust, adaptable Enterprise Resource Planning software suite for small and mid-size businesses that’s affordable and modifiable. Fitrix ERP offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of any comprehensive ERP solution on the market.  Fitrix ERP includes over twenty fully integrated ERP modules, depending on the type of solution you require, and includes the high performance IBM IDS Express SQL database and all needed software.  No other ERP solution on the market today gives you so much for such a low cost, initially and on an on-going basis.


The Fitrix ERP includes a comprehensive suite of Financial/Accounting, Distribution and Manufacturing applications that cover a wide range of customer needs. Fitrix ERP modules include:


-          General Ledger

-          Accounts Payable

-          Accounts Receivable

-          Payroll

-          Fixed Assets

-          Order Entry

-          Inventory Control (including Inventory Replenishment)

-          Purchasing

-          Bill of Material

-          Production Order Processing

-          Standard Routing

-          Product Configurator

-          Material Requirements Planning

-          Standard Costing

-          Actual Costing

-          Master Scheduling

-          Production Scheduling

-          Labor Processing

-          Capacity Requirements Planning

-          Customer Resource Management (CRM)

-           Multi-Currency


Fitrix ERP employs an extremely proven and highly scalable set of underlying software technologies including the world-class IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) SQL database, and an innovative Adaptable Applications Architecture that allows Fitrix ERP applications to be completely customized and still upgraded when new versions are available. An integrated Rapid Application Development (RAD) Toolkit and full application source code are available for making any level of user interface (screens/form, report), business logic and database changes to the already very feature-rich modules.


Fitrix ERP software technology has been installed in literally thousands of businesses in many different industries, and has proven its reliability and scalability again and again in mission-critical back-office applications--from just a couple of users to hundreds. Fourth Generation offers a complete range of implementation services, including requirements analysis, business process optimization, software installation, configuration and customization, data migration, report-writing, training and ongoing maintenance and support. In addition to our staff, we have a network of skilled consultants throughout North America that can help you implement and customize Fitrix.

Finding the Fitrix Documentation:

All of the Fitrix documentation is published on the Fitrix website: www.fitrix.com

If you are already using an earlier version of Fitrix and would like to see what is new for version 6, please review the 2 release notes documents:

          Application release notes

          Tools and infrastructure release notes

Installation Instructions:

All of the installation instructions can be found in the System Administrator’s Guide which is included in the Fitrix Documentation Set, see the link below


The Fitrix Documentation Set:

Location: http://www.fitrix.com/tech-support/documentation/fitrix-documentation-set/    (select version 6.0)


User Guides

Training Guides

System Administrator’s Guide

            (Look here first for all technical topics, the Systems Administrators Guide will explain the topic and/or point you to expanded documentation for your topic.)

Other technical and end-user documentation


Pre-Install Requirements:

Location: http://www.fitrix.com/tech-support/pre-installation-requirements/pre-installation-requirements-v6-0/

Contains: Information needed to determine hardware, networking and other pre-installation requirements.


Technical Procedures:

Location: http://www.fitrix.com/tech-support/technical-procedures/

Contains: Documentation and Files required for performing a few specific technical procedures that are not documented elsewhere.


Supplemental Documents:

Location: http://www.fitrix.com/tech-support/documentation/fitrix-supplemental-documents/

Contains: Other documentation not included elsewhere, mostly technical

Fitrix Serial Numbers:

Your Fitrix serial numbers and key codes are located on your Fitrix Certificate of License which is delivered to you by email with your new or upgrade Fitrix order. You will need these during the installation process.

Your Permanent Installation License Codes:

Please note that the initial installation is for a 30 day temporary license. After your installation, you will need to email us a request for permanent installation codes which you must apply within 30 days of the installation. If you fail to do this, your temporary license will expire and your software will not run until the permanent codes are applied.

Please see the Fitrix Systems Administrators Guide section titled “Licensing Fitrix” for temporary and permanent licensing instructions

 Getting Assistance:

Help desk support is only available via the Fitrix Annual Support package. If you need assistance from the help desk email us at: support@fitrix.com and be sure to include your company name with your request for assistance, or call us at 1-800-374-6157 (or 678-589-4882 direct to the help desk) and ask for Fitrix Product support.

Fitrix Annual Support Package:

The Fitrix Annual Support Package insures that you get the most out of your Fitrix software investment.

Fitrix Annual Support Benefits:

·         New product versions as released

·         Updates of new Fitrix product features

·         Updates of all Fitrix patches

·         Updates to Fitrix software for new versions of Linux as they occur

·         Updates to Fitrix software for new versions of Windows and other clients as they occur

·         Unlimited Help Desk Support

·         Priority Access to Professional Services Group

·         Submit Fitrix feature request ideas

We recommend that you maintain a Fitrix Annual Support Contract throughout the life of your Fitrix product ownership. The support will allow you to keep your Fitrix software up to date and fully supportable. For more information, contact Fitrix sales at 1-800-374-5157.

Your Fitrix Server/Host and Client Requirements:

The Fitrix server/host can be deployed in any of the following ways:

·         Premise, your Linux server

·         Premise, Linux virtualized under VMware, your ESX(i), Windows, or Linux server

·         Cloud/Hosted, your choice of Cloud provider

·         Cloud/SAAS (Software-As-A-Service), you have no host responsibilities

End Users of Fitrix require a Windows PC that is networked with a TCP/IP connection to your Fitrix server/host.

Full Requirements:

·         View the Fitrix Server/Hosting Options overview on the website here: http://www.fitrix.com/technology/server-hosting-options/

·         View the Fitrix Server & Client System Requirements on the website here: http://www.fitrix.com/technology/system-requirements/

·         View the Fitrix Server & Client Detailed Pre-Install Requirements on the website here: http://www.fitrix.com/tech-support/pre-installation-requirements/pre-installation-requirements-v6-0/

Installing the Fitrix Server:

Please see the Fitrix Systems Administrators Guide section titled “Installing Fitrix” for installation options and instructions.

Installing the Fitrix Client:

Please see the Fitrix Systems Administrators Guide section titled “Installing Fitrix” for installation options and instructions.

Running the product (Logging On):

Before you can log on, you will need for your Linux systems administrator to install the Fitrix Client on your Windows PC and set up individual login accounts for each user. Please see the Fitrix Systems Administrators Guide section titled “Installing Fitrix” for installation options and instructions.

To Log on, click on the “Fitrix User Login” desktop icon or start menu option, then enter your Fitrix Login  id and Password and click ok.


Fitrix uses preprinted forms for reports such as Accounts Payable Checks, Payroll Checks, Picking Tickets, and Invoices. Please have us send you samples of any forms you require, you can then use these to have any printing company create and print your forms. The following link shows a list of all forms, the Harland company can create and print your forms but no longer is aware of the forms numbers listed here:

 Click here for information on ordering preprinted forms



Training on the entire suite of Fitrix application products is offered upon request in a web based virtual classroom setting or at your facility. Visit our web site at www.fitrix.com for more information and registration for Fitrix training classes.

Four J’s also offers virtual and self study training at their web site: www.4js.com

IBM also offers training on the IDS/Informix database included with Fitrix, for details visit www.ibm.com then search on “Informix Training” or try this link: http://www-304.ibm.com/services/learning/ites.wss/zz/en?pageType=page&c=a0000441

Self Study:

We have included the same training workbooks used in our classes as part of the Fitrix Documentation Set. These work with the ‘sample’ and ‘student’ databases supplied with Fitrix and can be used as a self-study course. You can find these here: http://www.fitrix.com/tech-support/documentation/fitrix-documentation-set/    (select version 6.0)

Backing up and Recovering your Fitrix Software and Data

Making daily backups is critical for any business software system. Please see the Fitrix Systems Administrators Guide section titled “BACKING UP YOUR FITRIX COMPLETE DATA AND SOFTWARE” for installation options and instructions.

Consulting Assistance

Fourth Generation software offers a full range of on-site and remote consulting assistance, please visit the "Support" area on our web site at www.fitrix.com or call us for a quote.

Fourth Generation License Agreements

During the installation process, you will be asked to read and accept the license agreements for the products you are installing. Links to the Fitrix, Four J’s, and IBM/Informix software are also provided here:


in case you want to review them in advance.

Release Notes:

The documentation guide includes product release notes containing important information on new features, and known issues with the products.

          Application release notes

          Tools and infrastructure release notes

Systems Administrators:

Please review the Fitrix Systems Administrators Guide which is intended to contain or point you to all of the Fitrix instructions for installing, configuring, and maintaining your Fitrix software, the guide is located here:

http://www.fitrix.com/tech-support/documentation/fitrix-documentation-set/    (select version 6.0, then “Systems Administrator’s Guide)


The Systems Administrators Guide includes:

·         Fitrix Host and Client Installation and Configuration

·         Fitrix Informix Database Administration

·         Printer options and configuration

·         Licensing Fitrix

·         Fitrix User Account configuration

·         The Fitrix Host Directory/Folder Map

·         The Fitrix Host Login Environments Chart

·         Many other technical tools and procedures you may need.


Downloading your Fitrix Server Media:

Your Fitrix License Certification includes instructions for accessing your Fitrix Host media on our FTP site.

Downloading/Accessing your Fitrix Thin Client Media:

The Fitrix Thin Client media is now shipped with your Fitrix Host Media as a pre-installed Fitrix Thin Client Install Point. See the Fitrix Systems Administrator’s Guide for complete details.


The following mailing list / newsgroups may be of interest:

Send an e-mail to fourjs-users-request@fourjs.com with the following in the message body “SUBSCRIBE fourjs-users Your email address”. This is a Mailing List covering the Four J's technology that is included with Fitrix.

Users Groups

The following users groups may be of interest:

International Informix users group: www.iiug.org.

Contacting Us:

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or need any additional information regarding the Fitrix products. You may contact us by email, phone, or fax as follows:

For Support:

Email: support@fitrix.com

Direct Support Phone Line: 678-589-4882

Toll Free Support Line: 1-800-374-6157, request support

For any other assistance:

Email: info@fitrix.com

Toll Free (US and Canada): 1-800-374-6157

Phone: 770-432-7623

Fax: 770-432-3448

Mail:    Fourth Generation Software

4644 Powder Springs Dallas Road, #217

Powder Springs, Georgia 30127