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Fitrix Supplemental Documents

Fitrix Supplemental Documents

The Fitrix Supplemental Documents cover a variety of topics, mostly for developers and your technical staff that you may find helpful. These range from accredited articles that may be incorporated into the Fitrix Documentation set in the future, to articles we believe may be helpful to someone but have not been fully reviewed or polished.

Please note the accreditation level of the document you are accessing, levels are as follows:

  • Accredited – Document has been fully reviewed and approved by Fourth Generation Software and we will provide help desk support on this document
  • Partial – Document has been through an initial review and appears to be sound.  We will provide help desk support on this document
  • Unsupported – Document has been though a light review and some users may find the content valuable but Fourth Generation makes no claims as to the accuracy and will not provide help desk support on this document


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Accreditation Level:

Informix ODBC Permissions

All Versions 


Guide on configuring Informix database privileges so that users connecting with ODBC do not inadvertently update or delete data


Accreditation Level: Accredited

Fitrix Thin Client Connectivity Architecture

All Versions


Technical notes on the Fitrix Thin Client connectivity architecture for developers and systems administrators that want to create advanced configurations


Accreditation Level: Accredited

Fitrix VPN Connection Information

All Versions .pdf
All Versions .doc


Fitrix customers will need to submit this form for Fourth Generation Software support staff to gain VPN access to your network for support purposes.

VpnConnectionInfo.pdf VpnConnectionInfo.doc

Accreditation Level: Accredited

Fitrix Thin Client on Windows 7 issues

Select desired doc


Solutions to Windows 7 issues



Accreditation Level: Accredited

Fitrix Thin Client GDC – Clear Stored Settings

All Versions
Steps to clear the stored settings (in the GDC) in the Fitrix Thin Client in order to reset your screen display settings. The stored settings remember the sizes you set previously for each Fitrix Window; this will reset all to the Fitrix defaults.


Accreditation Level: Accredited

Fitrix Disaster Recovery (DR) Options Overview

All Versions
Basic options with cost ranges for implimenting DR for Fitrix.


Accreditation Level: Accredited

Cron job tips

All Versions
Tips for setting up Cron jobs to automatically run Fitrix programs on a predetermined schedule


Accreditation Level: Partial

Assigning colors in screen table

All Versions
Fitrix Technical Paper – Assigning color to cells in a screen table. This document describes how to assign colors to text and background in individual cells within a table on an Fitrix form


Accreditation Level: Unsupported