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Fitrix graphical printing implementation v5.2x

Fitrix graphical printing implementation v5.2x

Fitrix PDF/Graphical printing implementation

For Fitrix Version 5.2x

PDF/Graphical printing allows you to:

  • Print Fitrix forms on plain paper
  • Print any report to a PDF viewer
  • Save and email a PDF version of any report
  • Add fonts and graphics to any report (requires a developer)

 The following steps define the implementation process for configuring your Linux server and Fitrix to implement this feature. If you would like assistance with all or part of this implementation, please contact your Fitrix sales representative.

Fitrix PDF/GUI Print Linux pre-requisites checklist

This checklist identifies all of the additional Linux configuration requirements needed for this feature. These requirements are in addition to the requirements for the basic Fitrix installation which are listed separately. Please note that detailed instructions are not provided for these Linux systems administration steps. Please consult your Linux documentation or contact your Fitrix sales representative if you want assistance with these. 

Fitrix PDF/GUI Print Linux pre-requisites checkout script

Install this checkout script on your Linux server and run it to find out if all of the configuration prerequisites have been met. Do Not Open This File – this is a Linux shell script. Save it and transfer it to your Linux server and execute it.

 Fitrix PDF/GUI Print pre-installation questionnaire

If Fourth Generation Software will be performing your implementation, please fill out all of the information on this form and return it to your Fourth Generation project manager or sales representative .(Choose 1)

Fitrix PDF/GUI Print installation instructions

Follow these instructions to complete the implementation of Fitrix PDF print once the Linux pre-requisites have been met. (Requires a Linux Systems administrator).