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Fitrix Linux Host Printer Configuration v5.4 – 6.x

Fitrix Linux Host Printer Configuration v5.4 – 6.x

(Optional) Fitrix Linux Host Printer Configuration v5.4- 6.x

Fitrix can print to Client printers (any printer accessible from your MS-Windows Client), or to Linux Host printers (any printer accessible from your Linux host).

Client printers require no special configuration for Fitrix, If you can print successfully to the printer from standard Windows software such as MS-Word, then Fitrix should be able to access and print in text or graphical mode to the printer. (The printer does need to be postscript compliant which is almost always the case for modern printers that can print graphically from other MS-Windows software)

Linux Host printers must be configured specifically for Fitrix before they can be accessed by Fitrix and used successfully. This will need to be performed by a qualified Linux Systems Administrator.

Host printers are completely optional with Fitrix. If you don’t need any of the specific advantages and don’t have a Linux Systems Administrator on staff, we recommend you print all of your Fitrix reports and documents to Client printers

Advantages of a Linux Host printer:

  • Faster throughput for large printing jobs, prints directly from Fitrix software on Linux Host, does not need to be transferred to Client first.
  • Printer(s) is accessible to all Fitrix users (shared Client printers must be configured on each PC from which they will be accessed)
  • Easier to tie as default printer to a menu option. (Fitrix can be set to default to a specific printer for an operation such as ‘print picking tickets’. The printer name must be uniform across all users which can be tedious to maintain with Client printers)

The following steps define the implementation process for configuring your Linux Host printer. Your Fitrix support agreement does not include any assistance for the Linux systems administration duties required for configuring a Host printer other than to confirm that the requirements listed here are accurate. If you can sucessfully print the test files supplied here then your printer is configured correctly and will work wtih Fitrix. If you would like assistance with all or part of this implementation, please contact your Fitrix sales representative.

Fitrix Linux host printer requirements

This document defines the requirements that must be met by your Linux Host printer in order to be used with Fitrix

Fitrix Linux Host Printer Requirements

Fitrix Linux host printer test file

Install this test file on your Linux server and use it as defined in the Fitrix Linux Host Printer Requirements (above). Do Not Open This File – this is a Linux shell script. Save it and transfer it to your Linux server

Fitrix Linux Host Printer Test File

 Fitrix Linux host printer configuration questionnaire

If Fourth Generation Software will be performing your implementation, please fill out all of the information on this form and return it to your Fourth Generation project manager or sales representative. (Choose 1)

MS Word E-Form Version (edit and email)

PDF Version (print and return)

Fitrix host printer installation helpful hints (unsupported)

The following document contains helpful hints for configuring Linux host printers. Please do not contact us regarding these instructions, they are provide at no charge on an ‘as is’ basis

Fitrix host printer helpful hints

Fitrix host printer installation example (unsupported)

The following example is being provided to assist you in configuring your Linux host printer. Configuring a Linux Host printer is a complex task that varies widely by printer and operating system and operating system version. This example is only intended for use by a qualified Linux systems administrator as a general guide for the steps involved. Following these steps exactly will only work if you have the exact printer and system from which we created them. Please do not contact us regarding these instructions, they are provide at no charge on an ‘as is’ basis

Fitrix host printer installation example